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We developed a new brand identity for our car wash to bring it in line with our new forecourt and store design. You can see our newly branded Wash at a number of service stations nationwide and we continue to roll out the new brand identity across all current Maxwash locations.

Our Wash takes car washing to the next level, bringing motorists the latest technologies from WashTec in Germany. We use Softcare Pro 2 machines to bring our customers the highest-quality wash and the best finish available in Ireland. Here are some of its unique features:

  • SoftTech Brush

    SoftTec® is a new and highly innovative, paint-protecting, brush material – the softest currently available. Made from foamed polyethylene, it cleans even the most sensitive paint finishes without leaving a trace. With new vehicles, maintaining the shine on your paintwork is particularly important, SoftTec® will keep it dazzling.

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Wash Programmes

The Importance of Keeping your Car Clean

Introducing Regular, Superior and Ultimate wash programmes which have been designed to bring you a quality wash, every time. Wash programmes may vary slightly between Wash and Maxwash locations while we transition to the new brand identity. Our new wash programmes are detailed below.


It's important to clean the underbody of your vehicle to ensure that harmful dirt and contaminants do not accumulate and clog moving parts.

Summer Bugs

When summer bugs hit the front of your vehicle they quickly dry and harden. The surface of the vehicle should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent the acidity caused by these bugs damaging your paintwork.

Autumn Leaves

When leaves fall on your vehicle, they can cause damage by leaving an outline on the paintwork. You should remove leaves by hand as soon as you see them on the body. If you don’t, rain will wet the leaves causing sap and other chemicals to damage the paintwork.

Tree Sap

If you regularly park under a tree, your vehicle will accumulate sap falling from above. If the sap is left on the paintwork, it can take a lot of work to remove it, making regular car washing so important.