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Why AdBlue is Important

AdBlue was introduced to meet current and future environmental regulations. It reduces emissions in diesel engine vehicles that use a ‘Selective Catalytic Reduction’ system or SCR. Many new diesel vehicles now include SCR technology and as a result will not run without AdBlue.

Check out this great AdBlue video created by our friends at GreenChem.

AdBlue Respects the Environment

AdBlue reduces emissions in diesel engines by converting Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) into harmless Nitrogen and water. It’s proven technology that’s been used in commercial vehicles for 10 years and is now being rolled out in new diesel vehicles. These new vehicles must meet strict emission standards called Euro 6 Emission Standards.

What to do if your AdBlue Warning Activates

If your AdBlue warning activates, you will need to top it up. You can do this easily yourself. On most vehicles, you will find the AdBlue refill point next to the diesel cap or within the boot. Never put AdBlue in your diesel fuel tank. There will always be a separate AdBlue tank in your vehicle.

Buy AdBlue at Maxol

We offer a 5-litre AdBlue starter pack at most of our 200+ service stations with a recommended retail price of €17.99/£12.99. Depending on your driving style, you will need 1 litre to 1.5 litres of AdBlue per 1,000km driven.

Use our Service Station Finder to contact your local Maxol and reserve your AdBlue starter pack today.

Find your nearest Maxol
Find your nearest Maxol