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Maxol has introduced Maxwash - Next Generation Car Wash facilities throughout its forecourts nationwide. Maxwash raises the bar in car wash technologies for the motorist by using the latest technologies from WashTec in Germany. We use Softcore Pro and Softcore 2 Pro machines to give our customers the highest quality wash and best finish available in Ireland. See some of our unique features below:

  • SoftTech Brush

    SofTecs® is a new and highly innovative, paint protecting, brush material, the softest currently available. The foamed polyethylene cleans even the most sensitive paint finishes without leaving the slightest trace. With new vehicles, maintaining the shine of the paint is particularly important. SofTecs® keeps your paintwork dazzling all the time.

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Our 4 Maxwash Programmes

When you visit Maxwash, you know you can expect the very best car wash around. Our four Maxwash Programmes are detailed below. These programmes are generally available across all Maxol Service Stations but there might be some variance from station to station.

The ultimate carwash experience


Soft Tecs® 
Quality Shampoo
High pressure wash
Wheel Scrub


Starter package
+  Rim cleaner
     Foam spray


Advanced package
+  Wax
    Polish application
    Double dry


Premium package
+ Underbody wash
    Double dry



The importance of keeping your car clean



It's important to clean the underbody of your vehicle to ensure that harmful dirt and contaminants do not accumulate and eventually clog moving parts.


Summer Bugs

When summer bugs hit the front of your vehicle they quickly dry and harden. The surface of the vehicle should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent the bug's acidity from damaging the painted body.


Autumn Leaves

When leaves fall onto you vehicles painted surface they can cause damage by leaving an outline on the paintwork. Remove leaves by hand as you see them on the body. If you don't, rain wets the leaves and sap and other chemicals from the leaves can etch the paint's surface.


Tree Sap

If you regularly park under a tree, your vehicle will accumulate sap falling from above. If the sap has been left on the paintwork for an period of time, it can be a lot of work to remove.




07 Jan 2015

We recently launched a new maxWash pro conveyor wash - the ultimate professional carw ...

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