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What engine oil is right for you? Just ask Mr. Smoooth!

Introducing Mr. Smoooth

Mr. Smoooth is Maxol’s go to guy when it comes to engine oil. He’s here to keep your engine purring, and you can rely on him for engine oil advice without the jargon. Just follow his advice and stay smooth.


Why engine oils are important

Using the right engine oil helps keep everything under the hood running smoothly. Regular checks and top-up (if needed) will give you:

  • A cleaner engine
  • A more eco-friendly vehicle
  • A longer engine life
  • A more fuel efficient vehicle

What kind of engine oil is right for you?

That all depends on your car. But fear not: Maxol’s resident oil advisor, Mr. Smoooth, is on the case! Just click on the button below, and he’ll hook you up with your ideal engine oil.

Why use Maxol Engine Oils?

Maxol Engine Oils are formulated using the latest lubricant technology. Carefully selected base oils are combined with advanced additives to deliver superior efficiency and performance. Our range of engine oils meet the strict requirements set by vehicle manufacturers and they are fully traceable back to trusted, reputable sources.


How to top up your engine oil in Seven Smooth Steps

  • Park on an even surface and switch off your engine. Let things cool off a bit. Stand by your car and concentrate on looking smooth.
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