13 Sep 2016

Maxol Supports Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2016

The dangers associated with carbon monoxide are promoted to the general public every year through Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week. Fronting the awareness campaign is Tommy McAnairey - carbon monoxide campaigner and canary balladeer who will be singing and crooning across the airwaves to help spread the word.  Tommy's song ‘Carbon Monoxide is Lethal as Hell’ is a way to get people talking about carbon monoxide and features his unique take on all of the safety messages.

As Tommy will tell you, carbon monoxide can be lethal. But there’s a lot you can do to safeguard against it. Remember:

  • Carbon monoxide can be released by any fuel that burns, including coal, turf, oil, gas and wood
  • Get fuel-burning appliances serviced and chimneys swept every year
  • Install an audible carbon monoxide alarm in your home

What can you do?

Help Tommy spread the word far and wide for Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week.

  • Ensure your family and friends are aware of the dangers of CO and how to prevent it - encourage them to visit here and get informed
  • Follow Tommy on Twitter during the week @TommyMcAnairey and use the hashtag #COAwarenessWeek
  • Download a copy of Tommy’s new single from 18th September on iTunes and GooglePlay


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