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15 Feb 2019

New products added to Maxol's popular Car Care range

Maxol Lubricants have added some new products to their premium Car Care range. 

Maxol’s new 5L Ready to Use Screenwash is premium quality and prevents the water jets from freezing. This Ready to Use product is pre-mixed by professionals, so you can always guarantee great performance and freeze protection.

The new 600ml De-Icer offers great value for money and works down to -20. The easy-to-use Emergency Tyre Repair is a must for motorists. It quickly seals tyres, so you can continue driving. The 400ml bottle is compact and can easily be kept in the car. Other additions include a new 125ml One Shot Screenwash and a 1L Screenwash Concentrate.

These new lines have expanded the Maxol Car Care range to 13 products. The full range includes:

  • One Shot Screenwash
  • 1L Screenwash
  • 5L Ready to Use Screenwash
  • 600ml De-Icer
  • Super Concentrate Car Shampoo
  • Emergency Tyre Repair
  • 500ml Ruby Red Alloy Cleaner
  • 500ml Jet Black Tyre Shine
  • 500ml Glass Cleaner
  • 500ml Interior Cleaner
  • Jumbo Sponge
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • Long Lasting Air Fresheners

These new products are available in all Maxol Service Stations nationwide.

If you love your car, you’ll love the Maxol Car Care range!

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