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Maxol Petrol - 15W/40

We’ve used the latest lubricant technology, combining carefully selected base oils with advanced additives to create this universal Petrol Engine Oil. With Maxol Petrol 15W/40 you’ll get much better all-round engine protection, plus a range of added benefits to keep your engine in tiptop condition.

20L, 200L, 1000L, Bulk

Techincal Specifications
Data Sheets

This engine lubricant is applicable to gasoline and diesel engines (normally- or turbo-aspirated) even under the toughest operation conditions and all the year round. This engine oil has a special additive system and may therefore be used, when fuels with relatively high sulphur contents are involved. This special quality of engine oil is mainly developed to allow extended oil drain intervals and to prevent “bore polishing” (=cylinder wear) in diesel engines. Also, this product is suitable for use in Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines.

  • Active detergency, preventing from deposits in the combustion zone and at the scavenger ports
  • Preventing spark plugs from fouling, in this way securing an optimal output of the engine
  • Very effective activity against wear and corrosion 
  • Very limited formation of smoke
  • Self-mixing
  • ACEA A3/B4-12
  • A.P.I. SL/CI
  • MB 228.3/229.1