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Maxol Multivis 32

Maxol Multivis 32 is an EP multigrade hydraulic oil based on carefully selected, solvent-refined base oils under addition of additives.

20L, 200L, 1000L, Bulk

Techincal Specifications
Data Sheets

This hydraulic fluid is of tailor-made quality for heavy duty hydraulic systems of earthmoving equipment and of permanent installations that have to work under high pressures over a wide temperature range. This fluid is not compatible in systems, containing parts or equipment with a silver lining.

  • High and stable viscosity index
  • Excellent wear-preventing properties 
  • Very good activity against corrosion 
  • Excellent stability against oxidation
  • Very good demulsification properties 
  • Very good deaerating and foam suppressing properties 
  • Good compatibility with seals and gaskets made from synthetic material
  • Low pour point 
  • DIN 51524-3 HVLP
  • AFNOR NF E 48-603 HV
  • ISO 11158 HV
  • ASTM D 6158 HV
  • Denison HF-0/HF-1/HF-2
  • Cincinnati Machine P-68
  • Eaton Brochure 694 for 35VQ25A
  • GM LS-2